We work with youth, community groups, universities and local government to raise awareness of and encourage action to be taken on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of this, we:

i)  Engage in dialogue with the Government on plans, progress and commitments to Agenda 2030 and the SDGs, through:

  • research and analysis on Ireland’s progress towards the SDGs
  • organising an annual National Conference and follow-up workshops to engage in dialogue with government representatives and civil society, plan efforts and commitments for action on the SDGs.

ii)  Promote the adoption of the SDGs by local community Public Participation Networks (PPNs) and Local Government.

iii)  Build awareness and action among the Irish Public and specific target groups on the SDGs through:

  • Annual Thematic Campaigns and SDG action weeks
  • Targeted awareness raising workshops/events among university students and schools

iv)  Work with Coalition 2030, the Irish network of NGOs, trade unions and interest groups working towards Agenda 2030, to leverage support, strengthen the Coalition and broaden the reach of the project.